Thursday Video: The Kentucky Derpy Is Coming

If you’re a horse racing fan who can take a joke, we think you’ll love this spoof.

Need to get in the spirit for the Kentucky Derby, which runs on May 5th, 2018? Looking for a quick crash course for your non-horsey friends who want to hang out at your viewing party? Look no further.

Kentucky Derpy

Clip Clop Neigh Doggos will soon be racing in the Kentucky Derpy. This is everything you need to know…(Photo Credits:

Posted by Lucidchart on Monday, April 23, 2018

(Side note: some of these are truly excellent racehorse names.)

Well, if we ever wondered what a non-horse-person’s perception of the Derby might look like, I guess we answered that question. No, we jest. I hope.

Off to go get some supplies for my mint tulips. And maybe I’ll swing by the tack shop and see if they have any of those diaper pants in stock.

Go riding!

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