Tuesday Video: The Smallest Stampede

Not quite as fearsome as a full-size stampede…

Okay, so it’s more like a dull vibration through the earth rather than a heart-shaking thunder you feel in your very bones… but this stampede is still going places. The miniature horse herd at Dartmoor’s The Miniature Pony Centre stretches its legs and tears up the turf much like a full-size herd: everyone gets “the zoomies” from time to time and just needs to run it out.

These little boogers sure can move:

The herd have got that Friday feeling!!

Posted by The Miniature Pony Centre on Friday, March 30, 2018

The Miniature Pony Centre is a pony wonderland located in Dartmoor, Great Britain, hosting not only its expansive pony herd but a pair of heavy horses and several other varieties of animals. The center is open for visits daily and provides educational opportunities as well as the ability to simply go snuggle a few dozen minis whenever you want to.

Sounds like our idea of heaven! Go riding.

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