SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: All About Fly Stoppers

Want to add a new weapon to your anti-fly arsenal this summer? Check out SmartPak’s Fly Stoppers and learn more about these beneficial insects who can stop biting flies before they get to your horse.

Fly spray, fly traps, fly sheets, fly supplements… there are tons of ways to protect your horse from biting and irritating flies this summer, but one of the most innovative ways is SmartPak’s Fly Stoppers.

Fly Stoppers are tiny beneficial insects which stop adult pest flies from developing, feeding upon and breeding within the pupal stage of breeding flies. Fly Stoppers basically do the work for you in their natural life cycle!

Fly Stoppers are easy to use: once Fly Stoppers start to hatch, they can be applied to high-equine-traffic areas or areas where flies like to lay their eggs, and the three-week cycle of hatching, targeting fly pupae and breeding begins. To make sure that there’s no gap in your farm’s coverage by Fly Stoppers, SmartPak recommends ordering these on AutoShip so you can reapply and ensure a good population of Fly Stoppers all summer long.

Don’t forget that you can save 5% with AutoShip orders — plus, no need to remember to reorder, so you can spend more time enjoying your horse this summer!

Go Fly Stoppers, go SmartPak, and go riding!

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