‘Oh Crap’ Monday, 2-in-1 XC Edition

Double your fun with a double-dose of “oh crap.”

Monday is already the crappiest day of the week, so it only makes sense that we make things official. Here’s our latest reader-submitted “oh crap” video, and it’s a real doozy.

From Claire Taylor: “I have an ‘oh crap’ moment for you (well, I suppose it’s technically two…)

“This was my first time riding this particular horse and he’d just come back from some time off, so naturally it seemed a good idea to take him out cross country schooling…!

“The XC course was so busy, there were horses constantly galloping past left and right and it blew his fresh little mind! He launched himself over the jump and continued towards the water as I tried to regain my balance, then swerved as he hit the water and I went for a swim.

“When we caught him and I went to remount, he made it clear that he’d had enough by showing me his best dance moves and leaving me in the mud. All and in all, another successful day’s schooling!”

Oh man. Claire, we at Horse Nation salute you and your double dirty breeches (with bonus swimming footage). Way to keep your chin up!

Have an ‘Oh Crap’ moment to share? Email your photo/video and a brief explanation of what is going down to [email protected]! Instagram users, tag your moments with #OhCrapHN (your photos need to be set to public or we won’t see them!)

Go forth and tackle your Monday, Horse Nation. Go Riding!

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