Best of JN: Gifts Your Trainer Will Love

Trainers can be hard to shop for. Our sister site Jumper Nation has a few great ideas to help you out!

Between birthdays, holidays and special occasions there are plenty of reasons you might need to find the perfect gift to give your trainer as a token of your appreciation. Shopping for someone as picky as a fellow equestrian, however, can prove difficult especially when the person you are shopping for most likely has everything. With some help from our friends at Draper Therapies, we have rounded up a list of gifts your trainer is bound to love!

The Gift of Style and Sun Protection

Working in a primarily outdoor occupation can be hard on your skin, but when you’re showing at some of the most posh locales in the country a simple ball cap just won’t do. We LOVE the beautiful sun hats made by Manastash Millinery. Each hat is custom made with beautiful scarves and broaches to allow your trainer to show off their own personal style.

Screenshot from Manastash Millinery’s website

Add a Little Organization

The life of a trainer is a busy one! Between lessons, traveling show schedules, looking at or showing sale horses, barn chores, vet visits, and balancing their own personal lives, trainers have a lot on their plate. Help your trainer stay organized with a beautiful planner! For the ladies, we love Lilly Pulitzer designs. The tropical theme of this planner makes us think of warmer days on the winter circuit at WEF.

Screenshot from the Lilly Pulitzer website

For the gentlemen, there is nothing more dashing than a simple leather planner. This planner from Extra Studio on Etsy is not only stylish, but also functional.

Screenshot from Etsy










Don’t Be Caught With Styrofoam

The German Riding Instructor informed us that a trainer is only as good as their coffee mug. Don’t let your trainer run around with a disposable cup. Save their reputation and the environment all in one step by investing in a Yeti Rambler which is perfect for keeping warm drinks nice and toasty or cold drinks chilled despite the external temperature. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can pick something perfect for your trainer’s personal taste.

Screenshot from Yeti’s website

Give the Gift of Comfort

Being on your feet all day can make for some long nights. Trainers often use and abuse their bodies. Luckily, Draper Therapies has a line of awesome body therapy products that can help your trainer revamp and unwind. It’s hard to pick a favorite from their long line of products, but between circulation improving socks, warm weather gear with that won’t leave you overheated, and products to help you relieve stress and tension you can find something for almost anyone.

Screenshot from Draper Therapies website

Go Jumping!

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