Thursday Video: Heading To The Barn

Imagine the thunder of this many Percheron mares at a steady trot…

This year has certainly been an interesting spring for anyone in the breeding business — though we might follow the calendar as best as we can and prepare for foals to hit the ground around when we expect the warm weather to arrive, there have been plenty of newborns facing unseasonably cold temperatures and even some surprise snow all over the country. Fortunately, there’s nothing that a nice warm-bedded stall and a foal blanket can’t handle.

Blue Ribbon Days, producers of some of the country’s finest Percherons, takes particular pride in its mares — the eight-horse hitch is affectionately called “the Belles” by the Day family and fans alike, and it is the mares upon which a great breeding program rests.

Blue Ribbon Days knows a thing or two about raising top-quality Percherons, so when the forecast called for snow at the end of last week, the crew knew just what to do: move the mare and foal herd to better quarters. Here’s video from that epic process:

Mares and foals being brought up to all go inside because of snow coming in tonight. 🙁 Good news is Wednesday is suppose to be in the 60’s. 🙂

Posted by Peggy Day on Saturday, April 7, 2018

These ladies, and the next generation, as just as beautiful moving at liberty as they are in full show harness! Fortunately for these youngsters, it sounds like better weather is well on the way and we’re sure they’ll be in lush green pastures soon.

Go riding.

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