KER Friday Video: Natural Talent

Maybe she’s born with it. Actually, yeah, she’s definitely born with it.

Conditioning, training and lifestyle can certainly create a champion horse in any discipline… but a certain amount of raw natural talent is also necessary in that equation to create a true superstar. In some cases, that talent might not be immediately apparent, but in other cases, it becomes clear pretty early on just what you might be working with.

If you just so happen to be in the market, this talented little filly just so happens to be for sale. Bonus: she’s good to go over hedges.

This pretty girl is for sale! for the next Olympics over here at High Point Hanoverian’s Kindergarden! This is “Cliché” 2018 filly by Coeur d’ Amour/ Mon Dieu/ Rohdiamant

Posted by Larissa Barilar on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Cliché’s sire Coeur d’Amour is licensed both Hanoverian and Oldenburg and has the versatility to sire both dressage horses and jumpers. If this is how his daughter is tackling jumps already, we can’t wait to see what she’d do turned loose in the sandbox for awhile.

Go riding!

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