Total Saddle Fit Sunday Video

This may be the most Scottish thing we’ve ever seen.

Horses, like most livestock, can be trained to come to a variety of sounds — the herd at the ranch where I used to work in Wyoming could be gathered with a variety of calls and whistles; my father-in-law’s Percherons come a-thundering when you ring the big brass bell at the barn.

These horses… well, we’re not entirely sure if they’re trained to come to the tune of “Scotland the Brave” or they’re just curious about what on earth that most Scottish sound is that they hear floating over the heather. But either way, we’re loving it.

Turn up your volume for maximum effect.

Time to bring out the bagpipes and summon the horses. Polly seemed particularly impressed. Thanks as always Jocky Johnstone

Posted by HorseBack UK on Friday, April 6, 2018

Gathering the horses, Scotland style. While we may not be adopting this method at home (you’re welcome, neighbors) we totally love it on video.

Go riding!

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