KER Friday Video: Matchy-Matchy

For the equestrian truly dedicated to color-coordination…

Some equestrians pride themselves on creating matching riding outfits: the polo shirt matches the saddle pad matches the polo wraps matches the ear bonnets. Others really take it next-level: my father-in-law hauls his black Percheron draft teams around with a black pickup and an aluminum stock trailer with black accents.

And then there’s this equestrian.

Disclaimer: please use common sense and caution when mixing dogs and horses. What works for one equestrian in a cute viral video may not be a safe option for your own animals.

Matching Set by Human & Horse Academy, Hotel & Events​

#EquestrianLife | PegaseBuzzLunging your meching set! ^^Credits : Human & Horse Academy, Hotel & Events

Posted by PegaseBuzz on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The real question: which one came first, the horse or the dog? Now I’ve got to decide if I should get a piebald something-or-other to match my border collie, or perhaps a red Irish setter to match my Thoroughbred…

Go riding!

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