Tuesday Video: A Horse in Paris

Simon Delestre takes Paris by horseback in this commercial for Hermès!

Simon Delestre, one of France’s top show jumping talents, takes us on a tour of Paris in this gorgeous ad from Hermès. According to the video description, the stunt horse was fitted with special shoes to provide traction on the cobbled streets as well as comfort — and we’d guess that a lot of this was probably filmed via green-screen as well!

Un cheval dans Paris. Pour ce film, le cheval de Simon Delestre était équipé de fers spéciaux afin de lui apporter une meilleure adhérence au sol et accroître son confort.A horse in Paris. For this film, Simon Delestre’s horse was equipped with special shoes in order to provide better traction and increase comfort.

Posted by Hermès on Thursday, December 7, 2017

Well, that’s one way to see the City of Lights.

For readers concerned about the horse’s health and comfort, we are confident that Hermès, as an equestrian company, would never intentionally hurt an animal for the sake of marketing. Just one more reason to appreciate modern filmmaking technology!

Go riding!

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