Horse Nation & Teaming Up to Present Equine Research Grant Challenge

We know that Horse Nation readers care about science — and we’re teaming up with to make equine science a bigger part of everyone’s thought process. Click here for the details on our first crowdfunding research grant challenge!

We know that Horse Nation readers care about science. You’ve shown it in your comments and in your reader-submitted articles. We care about equine science too – and we’re working on an awesome way to make equine science a bigger part of everyone’s thought process.

One frustrating aspect of equine research is that a lot of it is either hidden behind a paywall (in pay-per-article journals) or behind the auspices of large feed or product companies. Have you always wanted to know whether those calming supplements really work? Or how horse personalities interact with human personalities? How much weight that special supplement is really going to help your horse gain? How much lameness or certain personality traits really do follow particular sire lines? What empirical evidence supports the use of alternative or complementary therapies for horse health and welfare? There are hundreds of fascinating research questions out there that equestrians want answered, and we’re going to try to help make that happen!

Horse Nation Media is partnering with to host an Equine Research Grant Challenge! is a crowdfunding platform for research – in all areas of scientific exploration. In the past they’ve helped studies on giraffe hooves in captivity vs. the wild, the possibility of prosthetic legs in horses, and even an annual dino-dig in the Montana badlands! They’ve helped raise over 7 million dollars for research for over 700 studies.

In the first week of May, will be launching a whole group of equine research crowdfunding campaigns at the same time, with the goal of getting them all funded. We believe that we can do this with the power of the equestrian community.

Want to get involved?

  • Researchers: Do you research anything to do with horses, donkeys, or zebras? All equines are welcome!
  • Readers: Are you interested in trying to crowdfund to get a new study off the ground, or extend a current project?
  • Everyone: Want to support the projects? Watch this space and keep up with Horse Nation for more information.
  • Email [email protected] for more information!

Go science! And go riding.

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