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4 ways to keep flies from bugging your horse this spring.

Spring is officially here, the Easter bunny made his rounds this weekend and unless you’re that part of the country that got some snow this weekend, it’s time to face the music: flies are on their way soon.

Here are four ways to keep your horse bug-free this spring, courtesy of our friends at SmartPak!

1. Fly Gear (click here for 30% off SmartPak gear!)

SmartPak Deluxe Fly Sheet

Sheets, masks and boots can keep those nasty biters from getting to your sensitive horse. SmartPak offers a full selection of multiple brands, but SmartPak gear is 30% for a limited time!

2. Fly Repellents

OutSmart Fly Spray

Keep those flies at bay with your favorite fly sprays, from SmartPak’s non-toxic OutSmart to the best name-brand spays and wipes.

3. Insect Control Supplements

SmartBug-Off Ultra

Protect your horse from the inside out! A feed-through supplement can make your horse unpalatable to insects and keep him fly-free all season long.

4. Environmental Control

Fly Stoppers

From natural fly predators to repelling devices for your barn or farm, there are multiple solutions to keeping pesky insects away from your horse this spring.

What’s your favorite method for keeping your horse fly-free? Let us know in the comments! And go riding.

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