In Memoriam: Metro Meteor, the Painting TB

Metro Meteor, the retired racehorse who learned to pain and donated a portion of income from sales of paintings to Thoroughbred charity, was euthanized late last week due to health complications.

Metro Meteor, known around the barn and to his fans simply as “Metro,” was humanely euthanized on March 28, 2018 due to health complications. Metro had led a life much fuller and longer than many had anticipated, especially considering crippling arthritis that ended his racing career combined with the later development of uveitis. As described by owner Ron Krajewski, “Metro came into our lives 10 years ago with an expiration date. With all of his health issues we were told that we would have to say goodbye to him sooner rather than later.”

Horses like Metro, coming off the track with limitations on their health and soundness that could curtail a second career, are in danger of falling “through the cracks” and winding up in bad straits. While Metro was adopted by the Krajewskis — Ron and Wendy — for light riding and companionship, Ron soon noticed that the horse had a tendency to hold things in his mouth as well as bob his head. A painter himself, it wasn’t long before Ron had Metro creating his own works of art, holding the brush in his teeth. This ex-racehorse, who might have seemed originally to not have too many options left, had created his own unique second career.

Metro did not paint just for himself or for his owners, but for other Thoroughbreds in need: 50% of proceeds from sales of his paintings was donated to New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program. Throughout his career, Metro raised over $80,000 for New Vocations.

Metro Meteor officially hung up his easel at the end of February, and the Krajewskis originally planned to retire Metro and his stablemate to a private farm in order to spend more time with aging family. Unfortunately, Metro’s health conditions progressed much quicker than anticipated, and his quality of life was declining rapidly. Metro was laid to rest by his longtime veterinarian Dr. Kim Brokaw.

Metro’s memory will live on through his artwork. The Krajewskis encourage anyone who wishes to continue Metro’s legacy to make a donation to New Vocations in his honor.

Go Metro Meteor. Go riding.

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