Total Saddle Fit Sunday Video: Open Wide

Guaranteed to become one of those videos you watch over… and over and over again.

(Alternate caption for this video: my face when I want some of whatever my husband is eating.)

Obviously “Murmel” at Sam Ecroyd Eventing has his humans very well trained for the carrot routine. He actually looks rather like a tiny, adorable hippopotamus  with his fearsome wee jaws open wide for his daily snack.

Murmel enjoying a New Years carrot

Posted by Sam Ecroyd Eventing on Friday, January 1, 2016

YUM. Keep on polishing those pearly whites, Murmel.

Used at the highest levels, the Shoulder Relief Cinch actually changes how the latigos attach to the cinch, resulting in better saddle fit.  It prevents the saddle from being pulled into the horse’s shoulders and provides cutaways for additional elbow clearance.  Learn more here:

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