KER Friday Video: Horse Trailer Over Fences

Pro tip: don’t try this at home.

Lots of things are surprising about this video, not the least of which is Matt LeBlanc as a host of BBC’s Top Gear (seriously, when did that happen, and how did I miss that completely?).

Let’s focus on LeBlanc for a minute: according to my Google gleanings, his daughter is into horses, so he owns several (and he’s also apparently afraid of ponies — smart man). Like any good horse show dad, he’s pretty good at hooking that trailer in record time. After that, his ability to pilot said trailer safely takes a severe downward spiral, but hey — this is just in the name of good television; it’s not like there’s a real horse in there, thankfully.

None of this course at all imitates what you’re likely to run into while driving your bumper-pull around town… but then again, I guess it’s good to be prepared for everything…

Showjumping with Cars!

Can Matt LeBlanc complete this showjumping course… in a car… with a horse box attached? ???????? #TopGear

Posted by BBC Two on Thursday, March 29, 2018

Jeepers. Maybe a good idea to invest in a more secure hitch, Matt.

Go riding!

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