Draper Therapies Video: ‘I’m Tassel Poofy’

Good news, fashionistas! The German Riding Instructor is back with an important message: those fringed full chaps you teased your trainer for wearing are IN again.

The German Riding Instructor is guaranteed to make you cry… from laughter. Ronny Reimer of RC Equestrian, better known to social media as the German Riding Instructor, has been making the rounds of the winter circuits to highlight all those things that make us chuckle about the unique world of horse showing.

If you ever thought that fringed or tasseled chaps were strictly the garb of the western pleasure rider, think again — top-grain leather chaps (and yes, with the fringe) had a great run of popularity in hunter/jumper land to wear for training, before the rise of the half-chap. They may have had a fall from grace in more recent years, but we know that there are plenty of pairs still hanging in tack rooms all over the US, biding their time.

So if you’re one of those riders who teased your trainer or the older riders in your barn for still clinging to that relic of the past — perhaps even rocking custom farm colors or *gasp* metallic fringe  — prepare to eat your words. The full chap is back, baby, and the German Riding Instructor is here for it.

With apologies to Justin Timberlake:

Tassels Baby ! They’re not outdated. Just ask Justin Timberlake ????????????

Posted by The German Riding Instructor on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Are YOU bringing tassels back? Share your full fringed chaps riding outfit in the comments section! And go riding.

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