Tuesday Video: Getting In Your Laps

How cool is this set-up??

Swimming is often viewed as the ultimate low-impact fitness activity: for both humans and horses, hitting the pool for a few laps can be a great way to get in shape and get fit without all the pounding that comes from higher-impact activity like running.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of us don’t have an equine pool in the backyard. Unless you’re this lady.

(We wonder if she also has a human pool for herself… or if she just heads out here after-hours and does a few laps for herself?)

This video is for those who have been asking about my swim lane.

Posted by Sherry Roberts Rhea on Monday, March 26, 2018

This individual is Sherry Rhea, the Barrel Racing Director for the International Finals Rodeo. A couple of laps in the pool must be great conditioning for a barrel horse, but any kind of horse in any discipline can benefit from water work!

Go riding!

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