KER Friday Video: Meet ‘Ears’

Two-year-old filly Royal Warden might look a bit different to us, but her lack of a right ear isn’t slowing her down!

Royal Warden, known affectionately around Australian trainer Stephen Brown’s barn as “Ears,” was born just a bit differently from most other horses. Instead of two full ears, she was born with a perfect left ear… and a little nub where her right ear should be.

She looks a bit different, but as far as her connections are aware, she doesn’t seem to know it — she acts and trains like every other horse in the barn, and if anything her different appearance has actually increased interest in her career. According to Brown and Ears’ groom Jade Jillings, jockeys are lining up to breeze and race her just for the bragging rights.

Meet one-eared horse 'Ears'

"She’s a bit different but she doesn’t know that."We've heard about horses racing with one eye, but what about one ear? Meet 'Ears'…

Posted by on Monday, March 19, 2018

Fortunately, the right nub is just big enough to keep a halter and bridle on Royal Warden’s head!

There’s an important life lesson to be learned by watching Ears: it doesn’t matter what you look like, only the size of your heart. And this filly looks like she’s got plenty of heart!

Go Royal Warden! And go riding.

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