World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: DolphinCam

New sales criteria: if your horse isn’t dolphin-proof, we’re not even going to talk.

In my corner of Horse Nation, if my horse can walk bravely into the field when he knows there are Canada geese lurking in all their sinister, beady-eyed, anxious-honking glory, I call it a good day.

In Australia, if your horse can peacefully co-exist with dolphins — read, DOLPHINS, as in those graceful mammals who live IN THE SEA — you’re on the right page.

We’ve shared plenty of magical horse-meets-dolphin helmet cams before, but they just never get old. And this one is a real stunner, with dolphins gliding up right under the horse’s nose to hang out at the surface for a moment.


Nevermind "bomb-proof", if my horse isn't "dolphin-proof", I don't even want it! :DEdit: Most popular question seems to be where is this. It's Australia :)Credit:Newsflare

Posted by Fal Turro's River on Friday, March 16, 2018

Australia, you keep on being awesome. I’ll keep working on my geese and let you guys handle the denizens of the ocean.

Go riding!

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