Video: Lemme Lend You a Hoof

It’s every horse owner’s dream come true: a steed that actually helps with the barn chores. Well, sort of.

I often get the sensation that I’m just a butler to my horses’ endless whims. I bring them in. I groom their coats (and this time of year, I help them shed). I clean their feet. They watch me sweep, then deposit a fresh load of manure on the floor. I serve them grain, then watch them flip it all over the place. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, there’s time to ride.

If only they could help with the chores, I tell myself. If they could pick their own paddocks, sweep the barn floor themselves, scrub their own pans and waterers…

Looks like this guy hit the jackpot.

Helping Hoof

It's always nice to have a helping hoof!!

Posted by Genius Equestrian on Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ah, if only we could be so lucky. I mean, his technique could use a little work, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Go riding!

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