‘Oh Crap’ Monday: In-Hand Edition

Monday is already the crappiest day of the week, so it only makes sense that we make things official. Here’s our latest “oh crap” video.

Monday. You’re well-rested from the weekend, you’re ready with everything you need to start the week off right, you’re rolling right out of bed with your alarm… and somehow you’re still caught just not-quite-prepared for that first hurdle, whatever it may be.

We know the feeling. And we certainly know the feeling expressed by this young equestrian, who learned one of life’s valuable lessons here: the ground is hard, and jumping is harder.

One of them makes a nice shape

One of them makes a nice shape

Posted by Business Startup on Monday, January 8, 2018

Whomp whomp. What a bummer — you’re just trying to goof off with your horse and have a good time and suddenly that jump just comes out of nowhere and grabs you by the foot.

We hope you can go tackle your Monday with a touch more grace, Horse Nation — pick up those knees and make it a good one!

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Go forth and tackle your Monday, Horse Nation. Go Riding!

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