Best of JN: Texts From the Horse Show Husband

I have chronicled several of my husband, Wayne’s, ventures into “horse show husbandry” on Horse Nation. First there was the How to Train Your Horse Show Spouse series, where Wayne navigated the waters of horse showing one step at a time.

Then there was our first anniversary, where Wayne ever so lovingly allowed me to pick the destination: The Kentucky 3-Day Event. And who can forget the time I let Wayne take the reins (metaphorically, not literally) and write up his own thoughts on being a horse husband in “10 Scary Things I Have Said to My Horse Show Husband.”

There isn’t a day in our life together that we don’t get to laugh at the expense of one another over horse related topics. It isn’t uncommon for me to receive a fairly entertaining text message that I may or may not screenshot and send out to my horsey friends for our giggle of the day. That’s when it hit me.

I have a treasure trove of content right at my fingertips.

So I present to you, good people of Jumper Nation, actual texts from the horse show husband himself. Bless his soul.

1) The Donkey Endeavor


2) Out of Order


3) Dear SmartPak, You Are Like the Third Person in Our Marriage


4) The Dream Birthday Present


5) You Broke Your Calculator


6) Wayne is Psychic


7) Press 1 for English

Go Horse Show Husbands!

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