World Equestrian Brands Drone Cam: Portmarnock Beach at Dawn

After watching this video, we can’t wait to be up before the summer sun if it means catching the perfect ride down a deserted beach in Ireland.

While I’m not one to usually complain much about weather, I glance out the window as I write and see the snow piled high and still coming down; despite the time change, it still seems dark and gloomy in the mornings even as the sun should be rising.

But videos like this one remind me to keep looking forward to summer’s longer days, those months where rising before dawn doesn’t feel like a chore but a promise. I can imagine the moments before the camera was turned on for this video: the anticipation and excitement in the air as the riders got their horses groomed up in the pre-dawn, perhaps loading the trailer at first light or starting their hack down to the seaside. As the first rays peek over the horizon, the riders and their horses walk onto the strand, the steady whisper of the waves the backdrop to pounding hooves.

Through a great drone video, we’re treated to a bird’s-eye view of this pair of horses and riders as they use Portmarnock Beach, just north of Dublin, Ireland, as their schooling ground. The gorgeous horses curve and prance over the sand (and the gray gives quite the leap over a tidal flow!) and one can imagine the joys of cantering down a stretch of empty beach with nothing but the gulls and the waves for company.

Did that help get you ready for summer? Share your favorite beach riding memory in the comment section!

Go riding!

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