SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Ask the Vet, March Edition

Pressure hives, grooming versus over-grooming, and of course, horse poop — Dr. Lydia Gray and SmartPaker Sarah answer fan-submitted horse health questions in the latest edition of Ask the Vet!

What can cause hives during grooming? Can you groom your horse too much? What’s good information to know before buying a horse? What are the benefits to feeding oats? What can we learn from looking at our horses’ poop?

If you’ve ever wondered about any of these questions, Dr. Lydia Gray (SmartPak’s staff veterinarian and medical director) and SmartPaker Sarah are here to answer them! Drawing on research and Dr. Gray’s professional experience, the dynamic duo tackles another fascinating array of horse health questions.

Questions answered in this episode:

1. My horse has very sensitive skin, like so sensitive that if I use too much pressure with a curry comb he looks like he has hives. He never flinches or shows any discomfort when being groomed and the bumps don’t seem to bother him, but they last for about 30-40 minutes. Is there anything that I can do to help him?

2. Should there be a concern of stripping the natural oils of the fur while grooming? I know bathing too often can dry out the coat and skin, but can you over groom in a way that strips the coat, as well? I’m a bit of a religious groomer, but I don’t want to be negatively affecting my horse.

3. What should you know before buying your first horse? Also, your videos are wonderful!

4. This one is for you Dr. Lydia Gray! A horse’s poop can tell us humans a lot about the horse’s health. So I am wondering what should we look for in the appearance of the poop? And when should we worry if the poop looks abnormal? Also, how much should a horse poop in one day?

5. Feeding oats: the do’s and don’ts. What are the benefits/downsides of feeding them? My grandparents fed them as I was growing up, and all of their horses were top performers and never had any issues. I still currently feed them and like the benefits of being more natural. My horses are also on free choice loose minerals along with free choice hay and pasture (weather permitting).

Do you have your own horse health question you want to have answered in a video? Instructions for submitting your question are included below — and as a bonus, you’ll get a SmartPak gift card if your question is selected!

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