Outfits For the Barn and Back, Featuring the Perfect Pair of Riding Jeans

Yes, the perfect pair of riding jeans DOES exist. Biz Stamm takes a pair of Smooth Stride jeans and transitions her barn outfit into both work wear and social wear.

I’m a very busy women, constantly bouncing between my barn job and university job with 12-hour days being the norm. I frequently don’t have time to stop home and change between the barn and the lab, and packing a full change of clothes every day requires far too much planning for my scattered brain — not to mention, two full outfits six days a week makes for an obscene amount of dirty laundry.

As an alternative I have been experimenting to varying degrees of success with outfits that take me from the barn to the lab and back with minimal hassle. I sincerely apologize to everyone who has seen me try and pass off a pair of full seat tights as leggings. I’d say “it won’t happen again,” but we all know I’d be lying.

Recently I discovered Smooth Stride riding jeans and they have become a staple item in my wardrobe. While the stretch material and inseamless design makes them a delight for riding, the dark wash and flattering cut make them easy to pair with other, non-horsey items in my wardrobe. These jeans are so comfortable you will want to live in them, and with a few strategically planned outfits and a family-sized bottle of Febreze to fend off that horsey smell that the rest of the world hasn’t quite learned to appreciate, you can — and I’m going to show you how!

Barn to Office

Long sleeves topped with a vest is always a classic look, but after bathing yourself in stable filth you might not look presentable to show up at the office. With a versatile long sleeve top, you can quickly lose the vest, add a sharp jacket, a scarf, and a cute pair of flats, and go from barn to business casual in a matter of minutes.

If your jeans are hanging on to some stable debris, reserve a clean hard brush in your horse’s grooming kit for yourself. Give those jeans a quick brush and you’re good to go. Trust me! It works!

Comfy tack cleaning attire to business casual in a matter of seconds. Photo by Dave Maliszewski.

Barn to Social Gathering

How many times have you missed evenings out because you have a late night at the barn and by the time you’re home and changed, you’re too exhausted to even move? A simple v-neck will stay clean when worn under a long-sleeved layer and will be easy to dress up with an accessory or two. Trade your paddock boots for some blingy flats (because heels will destroy your equitation, amirite?!), and your tightly pulled-back hair for a loose, wispy ponytail , and you’re ready for a night out with your non-horsey friends.

Go from looking professional for a day of teaching and training to effortlessly cool for one of those rare nights out. Photo by Dave Maliszewski.

I hope this helps you busy horse ladies find a few extra minutes in your jam-packed schedules. While we may kid ourselves into thinking that we’ll use that extra time cleaning the house, or prepping our meals, we all know we’ll just give our horse’s mane and tail a deep conditioning treatment.

Go Smooth Stride, and go riding!

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