KER Friday Video: Mini Tag-along

Working out is much more fun when you’ve got a buddy.

Ah, miniature horses — you are small in stature, big in heart… and more often than not, big in heart girth as well. Hey, they’re easy-keeping little guys, after all, and it doesn’t take much to keep a mini well-fed.

Unfortunately, just like in people, a horse or pony being overweight can lead to plenty of health issues. So when the vet says the mini’s got to get to work to reduce some of that extra baggage around the middle, it’s time to hit the arena.

But it can be hard in a busy day to find the time to dedicate to working out… so we love this creative solution to multi-task safely and effectively!

When the vet says we need to “cart with the mini” because she is too fat. Oh please don’t tell my doctor this is an option for me!!!

Posted by Nealia McCracken on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Go, mini, go — trot your way to fitness!

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