Best of JN: Flashback Friday, No Bridle Style

Today we are throwing it back Longines Global Champion Tour (LGCT) style. Gregory Wathelet is a young professional from Belgium who has made quite the name for himself in international show jumping. He rides with poise and style and keeps his composure in high stress situations… such as, oh I don’t know, having your bridle fall off in the middle of the course.

Gregory Wathelet and Conrad jump clear at LGCT Paris without bridle

Casually jumping a clear 1.50m round without a bridle..? ???? No problem from Gregory Wathelet and Conrad, after their wardrobe malfunction. Watch to the end, alllllll the skills… ???? ????Talk about a TBT! ✌️

Posted by Longines Global Champions Tour on Thursday, March 8, 2018

It was the summer of 2014 and the then 19-year-old Gregory was contesting the Prix du Qatar 1.50m course laid out at the LGCT stop in Paris. All was well for the first half of the course when a wardrobe malfunction aimed to wreck his beautiful ride.

Near the end of this round, the crown piece of his mount Conrad De Hus’s bridle slipped forward, taking the horse’s ear bonnet captive along with it. With only a few jumps left to finish out the ride, Gregory decided to make the best of the situation, despite the fact that the bonnet and bridle were flying up and blocking Conrad’s vision. The horse was a saint, however, and Gregory perfectly executed the remainder of the course.

Just your subtle reminder to…


Go Jumping.

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