Photo Challenge: 26 Muddy Horses (Consolation Round)

We had so many muddy horses show up for this week’s photo challenge that we had to split them into two rounds. Here are a few muddy buddies for your commiserating pleasure.

A lot of people look forward to spring: the weather gradually gets warmer, days gradually get longer, bulbs start sprouting and birds start singing and everything is magical happiness after a long winter. Except none of this is true — everything just gets really, really muddy.

Case in point: these 26 horses, who clearly are making the most of a thaw.

I only have HALF a muddy horse! Lol! He never goes all the way over. (Photo credit Chresta Haygood)

Dear sweet diamond just wants to be a paint. Photo by Lynn Thompson

Devin loves the mud. PC: Anne Ross

She’s a grey. Photo by Sarah Wryk

Munch when he came in for his chiro appointment. No shame.
Photo by Jen Balogh

Buy a perlino they said… She loves anything but being clean. Photo by Hailey Longstreth

Not one but two very muddy Appaloosa! Photo by Christine Gracey

My coming 3-year-old, Indy, pretending to be a smokey black pinto. Photo by Angela Saieva

Lexi Poteat Pejnovic: Denny looks so embarrassed after rolling. Photo Kate Ebanks

Photo by Jessie Dozier Osborne

My grey mustang loves to roll around in the mud. Photo credit Kendall Godwin

Caitlin Lee: Carly Tusia captured this masterpiece of my mud queen

Both sides were like this. Photo by Courtney Richmond

Photo credit: Jackie Gordon

Photo by Shana Berkhout

The only thing he likes more than mud is his food. Photo by Billie Joe Jester

Not sure how he got so dirty in the snow, but he’s not happy. Luke, quarter horse/ Percheron. Photo by Mary Ann Isaacson

Poncho the king of mess. Photo by Gillian Fisher

He’s normally pure white. And yes he posed for the pic.
Pic by Kat Hums

Norman, he is very proud of himself after I was yelling at him to stop rolling in the red clay of South Carolina.
PC by Lisa Wichtman

My gelding Jazz. Photo by Allison Bruce

Jacque Flusche: Photo credit Michelle Noland Houpt

For all of you out there who are contemplating owning a white horse…

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@seekmice here you go, Mikey is a pro at changing colors #horsenation

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Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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