Tuesday Video: The Barrel Dog

Barrel racing is fun. Barrel racing your dog… also highly entertaining.

Where there are horses, there are usually dogs: horse people tend to be dog people, and the two species go hand in hand (er, paw and hoof?).

Naturally, where there are a certain discipline of horse people, it’s natural that someone at some point as attempted the same discipline with their dog. I recall lots of idle hours at my childhood barn’s summer camps spent trying to get the farm Labradors to jump with us on foot (they were tolerant dogs, but slunk off for the shade as soon as possible). I trail ride and move cattle with my border collie now.

And these folks… well, they figured out another way to accomplish the barrel pattern:

Forget barrel Horses and buy you a dog ! ????????@Terrileelmt

Posted by Rodeo ACES on Thursday, March 1, 2018

That is one zippy dog. That looked like a 1D time to us!

Go dogs! And go riding.

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