Video: Pony Curling

Of all the sports to compare and contrast, I never thought “curling” and “horseback riding” would go hand in hand so well…

The Winter Olympics have come and gone, and we’ll have to wait another four years to see the athleticism of ice dancers and aerial skiers and trick snowboarders. Of all the sports to truly capture the imagination, however, the one we never saw coming was curling.

In curling, teams slide large stones across the ice, with the stone’s path of travel influenced by two sweepers armed with brooms. The goal is to reach a specific target with the stone. It’s growing in popularity, continuing to enthrall viewers every year… and somehow, inspiring equestrians everywhere.

Case in point: pony curling.

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Posted by Bursted Manor Riding Centre on Saturday, February 24, 2018

Dream big, equestrians — if Tokyo 2020 doesn’t work out for you in the “conventional” horse sports, perhaps Beijing 2022 will!

Go riding.

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