Photo Challenge: 49 Horses Living Their Best Life By Napping

These horses are truly living the dream. Enjoy the spoils from this week’s reader-driven photo challenge!

We all have goals: moving up the level in our discipline of choice, tackling new and challenging trails, enjoying the time we spend with our horses. But don’t lie: we also all have a list of alternate goals, which include things like brunch and enjoying the perfect nap.

These horses have got that last one covered for you.

I eats and I sleeps in the community snack pile. Photo by Meghaan Lane.

Passive paints! Photo by Mary Jane Donovan.

Fly Girl getting some sun! Photo by Sam Gilmore.

Here’s Juniper (paint filly) and Sundance (chestnut colt) having a BFF nap. These two are nurse mare foals from Kentucky. This photo is from the Spring of 2015, they will be turning three this year! Photo by Anita Kennedy.

Post horse show naps! Both Hologram and Reid are asleep. Photo by Lindsey Hellmuth Peirce.

Hermie having a snooze in the spring sun last year. Photo by Sophie Mahéo.

Seamus was so sleepy he had to rest his lips on the ground for head support. Photo credit: TL Moore

Sunbathing/napping. Photo by Saga Marie

I imagine it’s like a mud bath at a spa. Photo by Ally Carrier

Photo by Adrianna Roehl

Duke, who we put down earlier this year. I took this picture a few weeks before. Photo credit Jaclyn Williams

Flash always enjoys a snooze. Last summer in the sun. Photo by Rebecca Dean

Photo by Kara Corpman

Miss Pony taking a nap in the hay. PC: Deborah Postiff

Mae sneaking a nap in one of the few sunny days we have had this year. Photo by Megan Guntharp

Lexi Poteat Pejnovic: One of my favorite things to do with Denny is to hang with him while he is laying down. Photo Kate Ebanks.

A couple of sleepy foals and an overworked farrier joining in on nap time
PC: Sabra Estabrooks

Sleepy Blue Eyes! Taken by Jamie Maguire

Photo by Marian Marlin

Havi. Photo by Chancey Rose

Well deserved nap after a busy weekend showing for my Spice. Cutting grass did not even get her up. Photo by Elanie Molnar

Affectionately nicknames Widget, our pony Ginger taking a deep snooze a few months ago. PC: Erin Berkery

Back in 2009 (before good cameras too obviously lol), Milo was a 3 year old baby. I got him three weeks prior to this pic. I took him to a small schooling show. It was apparently very tiring for the baby and he napped quite a bit. We got lots of good bonding time in that weekend. Photo by Jayme Landry Nault

Tara Hawk: Afternoon naps together!!Photo cred Kate Ebanks

One of the mares having a good sleep! Photo by Matthew Maiello

Corynne Russell: Just relaxin with my boy between barrel runs.
Photo by Kyle Houser

Trying to stay as cozy as possible in cold weather. Photo by Megan Barrett

Kizmit says naps are the best, let me sleep! Photo by me, Sarah Heavilin. Kizmit’s slave, I mean owner.

Oh hay, I’m napping. Photo by Tiffany Morey

Merrilyn Elise: “Did I hear…breakfast?”
Photo by Monica Fiss

Napping in the winter sun. Photo by Katherine Gordon Ozburn

Sunny warm days are best for napping! Photo by Martine Howes

Fancy napping at the local fair, she clearly wasn’t bothered by the fair noises! Photo by Meaghan Anne

Therapy mini Jo Jo takes nap time very seriously! Photo by Sarah Wryk

Buds trying to nap but being pestered by Bandit. Photo by Sara Perkins

“Dad” and his yearlings. Photo by Hailey Longstreth

Morning nap time ????

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Synchronized napping #horsenation

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Go riding!

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