Lighthoof Tuesday Video: Paisley & Hank

If this video doesn’t thaw your February-frozen heart, you might need to move further south.

There’s a saying in the horse world that’s been printed on plenty of mugs and tee shirts in its day: “I wasn’t born in the barn, but I got there as soon as I could.”

For some of us, that meant patiently biding our time on the carousel and pony rides until we were old enough to start at the local lesson barn (for me, that was eight). Some of us, like Miss Paisley, were lucky enough to be born into horse families and have been riding almost since we could walk.

As told by Paisley’s mother Victoria Gomez: “Paisley is three and Hank is our family’s Quarter horse. We live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.”

Toddler Spends Day with Favorite Horse

A day in the life of a cowgirl ????via Poke My Heart

Posted by Every Mom on Thursday, January 11, 2018

Whether she’s destined for show ring greatness or local on-the-farm hero status, Paisley clearly has a great love for Hank, which is the cornerstone for all great equestrian stories. Welcome to the horse world, Paisley!

Go riding!

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