SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Dog Gear Reviews

SmartPak is here for your horse… AND your dog!

Horse people have a reputation for possessing a certain kind of crazy (if you want evidence of this assertion, just log on to any equine message board or social media group and take a look at the 400 pieces of conflicting advice given for one small problem). Whether it’s because I’m accustomed to the particular brand of crazy practiced by so many horse people or we really aren’t the most fanatic animal people out there, I’m starting to believe that dog people might posses a certain kind of crazy all their own (if you want evidence of this assertion, repeat advice stated above).

Whether you’re looking for horse gear or dog gear, sometimes it’s hard to filter through all the noise, especially if you’re just seeking a closer look at an item and a quick review. Fortunately, horse people are often dog people — and our friends at SmartPak are certainly both!

SmartPak offers a wide array of canine products from supplements to toys and apparel. Here are a few of their down-to-earth reviews of some of their catalog offerings:

Thanks, SmartPak!

Go riding!

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