Thursday Video: Pullers’ Play Day

We can think of few more enjoyable ways to spend a beautiful day in Florida than going for a pleasure drive with all the pulling teams you know!

Pulling horses, used in draft horse pulls, are intimidatingly large animals, and while they still possess the typical “gentle giant” mentality of most draft horses, they can also get pretty pumped up when it’s time to compete. Few of us get to see pulling teams in a more relaxed state just going for a drive.

Which is one of the reasons we love this video of a big posse of pulling teams going out for a nice pleasure jaunt around a beautiful Florida property! This is a long video, but worth the view to see these gentle giants ambling along under the live oaks.

Posted by Harrison Taylor on Friday, February 16, 2018

I’ll be the first to say that it’s always a beautiful day for a drive no matter what the weather… but then there are some days a little more beautiful than others. I’m glad for the chance to experience this one, even if it is via drone.

Go driving!

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