Lighthoof Tuesday Video: Just a Kid Playing Ball

What else would you expect from a kid?

In the same way that play is a critical part of a child’s life, play is equally important for horses — especially rambunctious yearlings. Kick off your Tuesday with a smile and watch Adonis, a yearling Drum Horse colt, having a blast playing with this giant equine soccer ball:

Oh to be young!! Lol #yearling #drumhorse #adonis #playball #horse #horses #equine #stallionprospect

Posted by Staci Saulter on Friday, February 16, 2018

See, when I made the same kind of wild contortions while playing youth soccer, it was gently suggested that I find a different sport (and ultimately how I landed on horseback riding, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much). Adonis, you do you, little buddy, and keep on having a ball.

Go riding!

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