World Equestrian Helmet Cam: The Perfect Ride

Go for a gallop on a sure-footed steed!

We’re not sure exactly where this video was filmed, but it looks like early spring: the grass is green and the leaves aren’t out yet on the trees, but we can imagine a cool breeze, the smell of damp earth and a spirited horse feeling the changing of the seasons.

Go for a gallop along this reservoir on a smooth, straight path, right into the setting (or rising?) sun aboard this lovely Thoroughbred — especially if you, like me, are still plagued by ice and can’t your own horse out of the barn.

Ever wondered what it looks like to be behind the ears of an ex-racehorse (thoroughbred)? I don't push him i simply let him go, but he even has a gear faster than this, there's just simply isn't enough place for that here :-pAs seen through the ears of Damian One (Oscar), that was raced in GB and later on in Denmark but was taken out because he apparently are "dangerous" and "should be put to sleep" – LOL – we love him to bits <3 <3 Vallensbæk, Denmark

Posted by Sofie Larsen on Saturday, February 10, 2018

A gallop is always good for what ails us. Don’t you agree?

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