Photo Challenge: 32 Horsey Smooches

Happy Valentine’s Day, all across Horse Nation!

We hope you’re having a great day with plenty of pony time: here are 32 readers and their horses showing each other some love on this Valentine’s Day!

Photo by Chloe Laurent

Photo by Connie King

Martine Howes: He doesn’t enjoy my kisses, but I love him so much! Photo credit to Courtney Donovan

Kiss me, I’m Irish. Photo by Kimberly Ann

Foxy and Sky. Photo by Marian Marlin

My trio of ponies. My Thoroughbred mare in the polka dots decided that she likes my Percheron/QH gelding better than my poor third wheel Arab mutt! Photo by Melissa Richardson

My two favorite men in my life! Photo by Emily Van Eerde

Photo by Candace Martin Yackel

My full sisters very much in love with each other. Photo by Wesley Schroeder

Merrilyn Elise: This big filly LOVED kisses and this is my favorite picture of us. Sadly lost her at age 4 to colic on June 23, 2014.
Photo by Andrew Brouwer

Photo by Jamie Maguire

My Jaxson. Photo by Candace Rozansky

Andy thanking Heather Supanick for his Message…thats luv! Photo credit Becky Cocklin

Denise Tasca Mathieu: Kiss from my boy! Photo credit: Dave Mathieu

My boy Stryder giving me some love after eating Nutter Butters. Photo by Amanda Jones

Kait D. Tuttle: Photo Credit: MaryLynn Davis

Danielle Keating: Photo of my Morgan mare and me; photo credit to Hailey Hoy

Lindsey Hellmuth Peirce: Pony kisses at our wedding! Photo by Michelle Lieb

Kisses from my two year old BLM mustang, Ollie. Photo by Carson Nelson

Sabrina Lang Stoffregen: Photo credit: Yah Yah Photography

Billie P Leath: Photo Credit: Jennifer Conaway

Julie Bortz Stankus: Me and my ❤️, Bandit
Photo credit: Audrey Chapman

My grandhorse loves giving out kisses, especially to his mom, my daughter. Photo by Karen Bulzacchelli

Gracie loves to get smooches from her favorite Percherons! Photo credit: Sara Campbell

Moose Kisses #calypsofarm #horsenation #ottb #kisses #hesamoose

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Home is not just a place, it's a feeling. That's my kind of love.???? ???? ???????? ???? Happy Valentine's Day to our followers. We hope you continue to enjoy our little adventures and thank you for being so sweet and supportive to our Mum. Lots of love, Joey Argento Thorin Perri Gem ???? ???????? ???? ???? Pic of Argo and Gem from a few summers back. Mwah! ???? ???? ???????? ???? #horses #horsesofinstagram #horsesofig #instahorse #horselove #mwah #horseaddict #europaspferde #bestofequines #friesianhorse #friese #friesiansofinstagram #friesian #blackhorse #blackstallion #horselover #equus #equestrian #horselife #horsey #shetlandpony #shetland #bromance #love #neigh #horsenation #horsephotography #ponylove #equinephotography #postinghorses

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Love you too, Ben. #horsenation #valentinesday #beenjammin (Photo belongs to me.)

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Daily dose of handsome chestnut ???????????? #horsenation

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Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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