Tuesday Video: Equine Caesarean Section

While not common, it’s possible for a foal to be born through Caesarean section: watch the process narrated by the chief surgeon, Dr. Tom Marien.

Horse health nuts, this one’s for you: watch the rare and complicated process of a foal being born via Caesarean section!

Dr. Tom Marien narrates the process from the EquiTom Equine Clinic in Belgium, where a malpositioned foal prevented a natural birth. As Marien states, horses typically foal very quickly on their own, so performing a C-section needs to be a fast and accurate, yet still delicate, process in order for both mare and foal to be healthy. Malpositioning is so rare in equines that this may be one of only a few videos of the process.

Some readers may find this video graphic in nature.


Today our surgeon performed a cesarean section in a mare and after a re-animation procedure the foal is alive. Equideo assisted the entire" rescue operation”. Thanks to Equitom team members who all worked hard to win this life. Subscribe to our publications on our Facebook page Equideo

Posted by Equideo on Monday, May 1, 2017

At least as far as this video shows, both mare and foal appeared to be recovering well. According to Marien, if a C-section is performed well, there’s no reason that both horses should not continue to thrive!

Go riding!

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