Thursday Video: Snow Day Play Day

There’s no such thing as being cold if you’ve got the right layers on.

While many of us might look forward to a snow day as an opportunity to relax indoors after we’ve made sure the horses are happy and well-fed, there are others among us that see all that untouched, pristine snow as an opportunity.

Yoann Dubranle is one of those in the second camp. Here’s how this French-based show jumper enjoys fresh powder:

Horse Skiing At Yoann Dubranle Stables, France

#EquestrianLifestyle | PegaseBuzzOn peut dire que Yoann Dubranle sait varier les séances de travail de son excellente jument de GP2* !Vidéo réalisée ce jour à Fontainebleau, en attendant la sortie prochaine de sa marque de veste de compétition sur-mesure VAN BELLE. A suivre…

Posted by PegaseBuzz on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I’ve got to hand it to the athleticism of both members of this pair — when the gorgeous gray kicks up his heels, I know for a fact I would definitely have fallen on my butt in the snow.

What do you like to do in new-fallen snow? Let us know in the comments section! And go riding.

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