Photo Challenge: 12 Readers Dressed For Winter

No such thing as too cold… just the wrong clothes.

Our warm earflap hats are off to these readers, who are proud to show off their layers that enable them to keep on riding no matter what the weather!

-20 degrees? That doesn’t stop me and my wooly pony! Photos by Sydney Sunshine Rohm

Lexi Poteat Pejnovic: This is Denny dressed in his quarter sheet in NW Florida and me and 2 layers of jackets. Yes Florida does get cold. Photo Kate Ebanks.

Change the hat to helmet and that’s it. Under armour makes life great. Photo by Matthew Maiello

Jojo VanGinkel: My carharts are my best friend for winter riding
Photo credit: Cody VanGinkel

Our -2F day at Remembrance Farm, Dillsburg, PA….photo credit-Becky Cocklin

Susan Dickenson: Checking the winter frisky level before heading out to hack in a beautiful snowfall. Photo credit-still frame from video shot by Tara Hargreaves

Catharine Nunes Doucette PC: Jessica Lynne

Jessica Lynne PC: Catharine Nunes Doucette

Enjoying a sunny but cold snow ride while bundled up in my carhart overalls! Insulated overalls are the best in subfreezing weather and short rides! Photo by Tiffany Gook

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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