SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Ask the Vet, Bonus January Episode

Our favorite SmartPak educational series is back after a holiday hiatus: SmartPaker Sarah and Dr. Lydia Gray are warming up for a horse health-filled 2018 with this bonus three-question January video.

Rehabbing an OTTB through minor racing injuries, interpreting the results of the fecal egg count test, and horse and rider yoga: if you’ve ever had burning horse health questions related to any of these subjects, today is your lucky day! SmartPaker Sarah and SmartPak staff veterinarian and medical director Dr. Lydia Gray are back after a holiday hiatus with a bonus round of Ask the Vet, featuring three fan-submitted questions.

1. I’ve watched all 91 of the videos on your individual question playlist (yes you should be impressed), and I’m wanting to adopt an OTTB and help him/her through the last stages of rehabilitation from minor racing injuries. What are the best questions to ask the vet that has already worked with the horse in order to establish a good understanding of the current condition, as well as steps moving forward?

2. I just got my horses’ fecal test results back. Both of my horses came back “negative.” Does this mean that I don’t need to deworm them?

3. What are the pros/cons of doing equine yoga (either mounted or unmounted) for the horse and/or rider?

Thanks for kicking off our Monday morning with some great information, SmartPak!

Do you have your own horse health question you want to have answered in a video? Instructions for submitting your question are included below — and as a bonus, you’ll get a SmartPak gift card if your question is selected!

Submit your question on this page before February 8, 2018, using #AsktheVetVideo.

You can also ask your questions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or on the SmartPak blog where you can read all of Dr. Lydia Gray’s Ask the Vet articles.

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