Reader Horse of the Week: Old Fashion Man ‘Manny’

Our featured reader-submitted horse this week is Manny, loved by Ramsey Congo!

We at Horse Nation know that we have the greatest readers in the world — so by extension, readers’ horses must be the best as well! We’re featuring a different reader-submitted horse every week: if you’d like your horse to be featured, please contact us at [email protected]!

This week’s featured equine star is Manny, much loved by Ramsey Congo! Ramsey tells their story to Horse Nation:

“Old Fashion Man (Manny) is my ten year-old Thoroughbred gelding. Our odyssey began in the summer of his four year-old season when my dad and I acquired him because no one else wanted him. The first five years I had him he raced professionally winning three races under my care, and two before that. When it came time for him to retire and begin something new I couldn’t find it in me to sell him, so I kept him.”

Photo courtesy of Ramsey Congo

“When I first got Manny I really hadn’t been around horses, but my dad trained racehorses until I was six so I THOUGHT I knew it all. I was so wrong. I learned everything from hot walking, to standing bandages, and how to tack — you name it, he endured being my lesson horse. And although he was a racehorse he was so well behaved when I had to undo a standing bandage for the fifth time, because I still wasn’t doing it right, or when I would accidentally spray him in the face with hose while giving him a bath. I would walk him in shed rows full of commotion, horses coming to and from the track, people talking, and loose horses just to name a few but he always took care of me and kept his cool. He would get a little excited from time to time, but never went past a point he knew I couldn’t handle.”

Photo courtesy of Ramsey Congo

“Today Manny and I get into many shenanigans together. We go for walks around the farm or play in the field most days. He loves it when I hide and jump out to scare him (at least he lets me think I’m scary), and he will always nudge me to do it again. He’s a horse full of intelligence and personality, that still teaches me lessons everyday, but no longer the kind you can see.”

You can find more photos of Manny on Ramsey’s Instagram account.

Ramsey, thank you so much for sharing Manny’s story, and we wish you all the best!

Go riding!

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