Happy Birthday, American Pharoah!

While his “Thoroughbred birthday” was January 1, American Pharoah was born on this day six years ago: we’re celebrating by looking back at some of our favorite races.

Happy birthday, American Pharoah! While we’re only just beginning to see an inkling of what American Pharoah has to offer in the breeding shed — his oldest foals are yearlings, and by most reports are stamped with his good conformation and great minds — no one can argue that watching him perform on the track was one of the greatest racing privileges in recent history. The first Triple Crown winner in 37 years, American Pharoah touched all of our hearts.

On his birthday, we’re looking back at some of our favorite wins in his career:

The Arkansas Derby

This is still probably my hands-down favorite — watching this colt just romp under a hand ride with his ears pricked forward for the entire stretch makes me smile. I had a hunch when I saw this race for the first time that we were looking at something truly special.

The Preakness Stakes

One of the things that made the Preakness so impressive was what you don’t see in this video — the absolute downpour, complete with thunder and lightning, that drenched Pimlico just before the race went to post (in fact, it might still be raining during the race itself). American Pharoah went right to the lead rather than sitting just off the pace, but despite the change in style and the conditions still brought home an amazing win — and kept the Triple Crown dream alive.

Belmont Stakes

No “Best of American Pharoah” collection would be complete without this one: if you don’t get chills as he crosses under the wire, you might check your pulse and make sure you’re still alive.

Breeders’ Cup Classic

“He went out in style.” For American Pharoah’s final start, it’s only fitting that he puts away the entire field in the Breeders’ Cup Classic, cruising home without another horse even in the camera frame.

Thanks for the memories, American Pharoah! And happy birthday.

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