Lighthoof: Build-a-Mash Infographic

Step aside, old-school wheat bran mashes: check out this video and infographic from Lighthoof to customize a warm, slurpy mash to treat your horse this winter!

Occasional or daily mashes have numerous benefits for horses, including getting your horse to drink more water and supporting digestive motility. Plus horses love them! Enjoy these mash ideas from the folks at Lighthoof equine mud management.

Here’s an infographic version of this recipe for a customized hot soup for your horse. Click on the image to view a full-size version that you can save or Pin for yourself!

Custom mash horse treat recipe from Lighthoof

Hopefully these suggestions and categories gave you some ideas for getting creative based on your horse’s preferences and your goals for feeding. Mix it up as soupy as your horse will tolerate to maximize her water intake.

Don’t feel limited by these ingredients. You can use a variety of different flavorings or bases. However, when introducing something that your horse hasn’t eaten before, consider doing it slowly and in small amounts. For the least change in her diet, you can choose a forage pellet for the base that’s made up of the same type of hay that your horse normally eats.

The best part is the sloppy slurping noises that your horse will make and the green nose rub of appreciation on your pants and jacket!

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