Metro the Painting OTTB to Retire

Metro Meteor is hanging up his brushes and easel at the end of February.

Metro Meteor’s painting career is drawing to a close.

The former racehorse, who was once an accomplished turf sprinter based in New York, suffers from crippling arthritis in his knees — a condition that ended his racing career and also made his prospects for a second post-track career somewhat bleak. Fortunately, Metro was adopted by Ron and Wendy Krajewski into a quiet, light riding home. Ron noticed Metro’s characteristic bobbing head and aptitude for “handling” things in his mouth and it didn’t take long before the horse had learned how to paint.

This most unusual second career blossomed, and it wasn’t long before Metro’s paintings became a hot commodity among horse lovers, both through a local Gettysburg, Pennsylvania art gallery and via Etsy. The Krajewskis sought to give back, and designated that 50% of the proceeds from each of Metro’s sold paintings would be donated to New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program.

In his painting career so far, Metro has raised over $80,000 for other Thoroughbreds in need.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and it’s time for Metro to hang up his brushes and easel. As often happens, real life has other plans for the Krajewski family, and with aging family members on the opposite side of the country requiring their aid, Ron and Wendy are relocating west. Rather than subjecting Metro, with his arthritic knees, to a long cross-country trek and a totally new lifestyle, the Krajewskis have made the decision to retire Metro and his barnmate Pork Chop to the lush farm of Metro’s veterinarian, Dr. Kim Brokaw, where they will live out their days simply being horses.

There is still time to acquire your own Metro original, as well as prints of his most popular works: check out Metro’s website for more information!

Thank you, Metro, for your good work for other horses like yourself. And happy retirement!

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