Some Trucks Get Dog Nose Prints…

…others get this.

When reader Lynn Howland sent us this photo, we knew we had to learn more:

Photo by Lynn Howland

Lynn shared the story:

“All of the horses seem to love my old F-250. It is 25 years old and I worry most about them hurting themselves on it than the other way around.

“I had the truck parked out in the paddock for some long forgotten farm chore and at some point I went into the house. The truck was getting a through inspection by Calypso. I saw her place her muzzle on the window and when I got in the truck I saw that she has left a perfect kiss on the window. I love how you can even see the imprint of part of her nostrils.

Her lipstick of choice being mud in no way detracts from the kiss she left me!”

This is perhaps the best horse nose-print we’ve ever seen in our lives.

Calypso, wearing Lynn’s hat. Photo by Lynn Howland

“Calypso had little experience with people when I got her but she quickly became a very loving little horse,” Lynn details to Horse Nation. “Calypso is a three year old 14hh slaughter rescue horse who loves to nestle under my arm and cuddle. I brought her home and the vet estimated her age at four to six months at that time. She was bedraggled and caked with clay and mud. Her genetic background is unknown and often the subject of much speculation. Most often the consensus is some sort of Paso Fino, Quarter horse, mustang and maybe no-spot Appy, but I don’t care because she is 100% cute. She will be starting under saddle this fall to be an English trail horse.”

In the meantime, Calypso, keep spreading the love.

Go riding!

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