Reader Horse of the Week: Apollo & the Feed Pan

Our featured reader-submitted video this week is from Eva McGuire, starring her horse Apollo!

One of my favorite things about Horse Nation is that if I have an equestrian problem, a randomly weird equestrian thought or a great horsey experience, chances are readers are having the same problems, thoughts and experiences as well. Many of these events manifest themselves in the articles, lists and stories that you’ve come to love at Horse Nation, with all of us in this unique walk of life knowing that we can come together to celebrate our weirdness with like-minded folks.

And as it turns out, Horse Nation can also be that place for our horses ourselves. Case in point: reader Eva McGuire’s horse Apollo, who is having the world’s best day playing with his feed pan. How many of your horses can also turn just about anything into a fabulous toy?

If you’ve got a great video to share, get in touch with us! Email the editor at [email protected]. Go riding!

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