Thursday Video: Indy & the Rubber Chicken

Submitted by reader Chris Wenzel, check out this very silly pony having a blast with his rubber chicken toy.

We love tracking down the best in viral videos for your viewing enjoyment here at Horse Nation, but our favorite videos of all are the ones our readers send to us of their own horses caught in a viral-worthy act.

Today’s video comes from reader Chris Wenzel, who describes “Indy”: “Indy is a Pony of the Americas, or POA, with a big personality. He’s always into mischief and he has many nicknames. His owner is a wonderful older woman who loves him to pieces. Whenever he gets into trouble she always says ‘good thing he’s cute.'”

The best part of this video: when Indy realizes he’s being watched.

Indy, don’t ever change!

If you’ve got a great video to share, get in touch with us! Email the editor at [email protected]. Go riding!

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