Readers Respond: The Best Advice You’ve Ever Received

All of that good advice, rolled up into one article.

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On Monday, we asked readers to share the best piece of advice about horses they had ever received in their lives. Our readers had plenty to say, and we decided to put all of that good advice in one place for the horsey Internet to enjoy. What advice on this list really resonates with you?

Sit back. Sit BACK! SIT BACK!!!” –Denise Kirby

“1. Forward. 2. Inside leg to outside rein.” –Diana Guttenberg DeYoung

“‘When turning out a horse, walk all the way through the gate and turn the horse toward you. Unsnap the lead as you’re backing out of the gate.’ I understood the importance of that advice after watching one person get dragged about 50 ft. and another take a hoof to the face from a frisky buck. Thanks, Stephanie England-Grey!!!” –Elsa Hale

“In working with OTTBs: love, patience and kindness.” –Lexi Poteat Pejnovic

Look where you are going and stay by yourself. Told to me by Victor Hugo-Vidal.” –Dee Kysor

Steer with your boobs!” –Jill Lowe

“Breathe.” –Jan Moller, Aradia Diane Willard, Mary McGaughy Neely and MaryAnn Isaacson

Train a horse well and you’ll never have to worry about his future.” –Jamie Maguire

Don’t micro manage your horse. Let them make mistakes so you can make the corrections. That’s how they’ll learn.” –Nissa Sjoberg

“Wet saddle blankets make good horses.” –Melissa Brown

Leave your emotions out of the saddle.” –Ashley Rose

80% of the time, things are going to work out just fine no matter what you do. 10% of the time everything will go wrong no matter what you do. You really only need to be a good enough horse person to deal with the remaining 10%. If you think of it this way, it gets easier to not second guess yourself.” –Abigail Emily Martin

If it is not fun at any time… get off.” –Gidget Treadway

Not one training method will work for all horses or riders. Do what works for you.” –Stephanie Cantrell

A. Wear a helmet always, even on the ground. B. Ride the horse you have, not the horse you want. (As in, don’t force the horse to be something he’s not, and don’t skip ahead in training.)” –Caitlin Last

“If you come off get back on!!” –Robbyn White Gray

Always be planning several steps ahead. You can’t expect your horse to move forward with confidence if you have no idea where you’re going.” –Karina Brown

Smile, smile, smile!” –Joy Pernat

You will never know enough.” –Pauline MadEye Wheeler

You are either training or untraining.” –Brigette McGhay Cosgrove

Never take on more horses then you can afford on your own. A free horse is NEVER free.” –Michelle Larsen

Quiet but firm, leg before hands, no matter what you are doing… you are either training him or untraining him.” –Roxann Gill

You’ve already committed to getting in the saddle. Do not hesitate, breathe and get on. Picture what you WANT to happen, not what you THINK will happen.” –Nina Amelung

Don’t worry about one ride; don’t look at it day to day. Look at your progress on more of a monthly basis. That way, one bad ride will be overshadowed by multiple good rides.” –Danielle Vance

Things take time.” –Lea Ditte Marsk Lauridsen

Where you look is where you’ll end up. Stop looking down!” –Barb McCaslin Riffey

As gentle as possible, as firm as necessary.” –Karen Boates

NEVER buy a problem.” –Margreta Wenzloff Flach

Look where you want to go.” –Linda Light

Get the arch out of your back and sit on your butt.” –Bird McIver

The horse you own is always the best horse in the world. Stay positive. Do not listen to rail birds.” –Lynn Howland

It’s not the horse’s fault, you need to ride better.” –Vernita Frens Mullen

Let the active/nervous horse move its feet, you’ll only make matters worse if you try to stop it.” –Wendy Fowler

Make corrections going forward.” –Deb Howatt

Don’t sneak up behind them.” –David Simpson

Heels down, eyes up, & relax in the seat, have a great trainer for lessons & advice.” –Ann Lee Francis Boone

Always remember what a blessing it is to be around horses at all.” –Merwie Garzon

Go riding!

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