Equine Art Insider: Q&A With Painter Ken Peloke

“Inspirations come from people and the idea of peace. Life and the world really aren’t as bad as we seem to want to make it.” Shya Beth speaks with equine artist Ken Peloke about his work.

Being a self-taught artist, Ken Peloke has developed his own personal technique and style through years of trial and error. His desire to start painting came when he decided to create a painting of his wife’s favorite horse, and he has been painting since. Below is a Q&A with this skilled artist that goes in depth into his motivation and craft. Evoking a vintage and timeless feeling through the use of dark and light, his paintings are reminiscent of a time gone by.

Shya Beth: What inspires and motivates you?

Ken Peloke: Motivation come from my need to be free. I know if I push myself, create and give back, I will be able to continue being an artist full time. Inspirations come from people and the idea of peace. Life and the world really aren’t as bad as we seem to want to make it. I’m inspired by good people and our beautiful world. Creating something and sharing it with people, which may give them a positive feeling, make them smile or maybe even bring back a childhood memory is my biggest inspiration. I was given the ability to create art and I truly feel that art is a way for me to give back and have people connect with something positive.

SB: When did you decide that you wanted to be an equine artist?

KP:  I wanted to paint a horse for my wife about 7 years ago. She grew up riding and its her passion still to this day. I felt like challenging myself and at the same time, wishfully thinking I could impress her with something that means so much to her. It kinda worked, I was hooked and have been painting them since. I’ve learned so much about them and feel I really relate to horses. The desire to feel free, but still have a purpose.

SB: What mediums do you work in?

KP: Mainly oils, however, some background layers are done with acrylics.

SB:Do you paint only horses now?

KP: No, I would say 75% of my work are horses, I also paint cowboys and abstract works as well.

SB: Is there a medium you would like to work in, but haven’t yet?

KP: No, I love working with oils. But I would eventually like to paint larger, 8′-10′.

SB: Any future exhibits/shows?

KP: Yes, I have a Solo show at The Marshall Gallery In Feb 2018 (Scottsdale AZ)

SB: Do you own any of your own horses?

KP: We have two horses, an Appaloosa and an Appaloosa Mini.

SB: Any advice for other artists?

KP:  Work on your craft, keep working, keep getting better. There’s no replacement for the time spent in the studio, each day is an opportunity to explore yourself, get better and learn something new. And don’t let one piece define you, good or bad. Create a lot of work, your style and techniques will continue to grow and become refined. And when you feel like giving up on a piece, don’t. Take a break, and then get right back at it, push yourself to figure it out and get it right.

Thank you for letting me interview you, Ken! You can see more about Ken’s art here on his website.

16 year old Shya Beth is an equine artist and rider living in New Jersey. With a lifelong interest and passion of art and horses, Shya has combined her two loves through the form of art and writing. Creating life size sculptures of these marvelous steeds while writing about all things equine art on her blog, The Flying Shetlands, is the beginning of an epic adventure into the horse world.

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